A formula can only be as good as its ingredients. Each organic botanical ingredient we use has unique, health-supporting nutrients called phytonutrients, which can best be described as nature's treasure chest. To ensure all the healthful phytonutrients are optimally protected, every one of our ingredients has successfully gone through our Synergized® protocol.


We don't just assume that our rigorous Synergized protocol results in high quality ingredients. We prove it with testing. We test for things that we don't want in our ingredients, like heavy metals, microbes, pesticide and solvent residues, gluten, dairy, and GMOs.

We also test for what we do want in our ingredients like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and active compounds. But we don't stop there. After all our ingredients are formulated into a finished supplement, we do it again! Every lot of finished product is tested for heavy metals, microbes, gluten, radiation, and nutrient levels to ensure they meet our strict standards.


See for yourself! You can see each Certificate of Compliance ("C of C") for every one of our products, which verifies the results of our final testing. Each certificate shows the product, the lot number, the many tests that were performed, and the results of each test.