At Pure Synergy, our passion and single-minded mission is to support the health and wellbeing of everyone. We recognize that it’s a particularly difficult and stressful time for our teachers, nurses, doctors, medical technicians and all essential healthcare support staff.


We appreciate your dedication and grit, and we value the indispensable care and services that you are providing in this exceptionally challenging time. You are keeping our communities stronger, safer, and healthier.


That’s why we’ve created Pure Gratitude, a discount program to support the health of the brave, hardworking men and women working in schools, hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes across the country.


All qualified personnel can get a disccount code every 30 days for 25% off their order of up to 6 bottles of their favorite Pure Synergy products. To verify your eligibility, please click the corresponding image below and enter your information in the secure popup window. Once your profession is verified you'll get a discount code you can use immediately.


This program was intended to be temporary and to last until most of the pandemic darkness lifted. Instead of ending the program, we've decided to expland it to include more people that we recognize as vital to the safety and health of our communities such as Military Professionals and First Responders. In addition to expanding the eligibility of who gets to participate in the Pure Gratitude program, we're also changing the amount of the discount to 15% off up to 6 bottles per month. These changes will become effective November 1, 2021. All codes received prior to this date will still be for 25% off and continue to work until you use them.