Bone Renewal®

Because Calcium Alone Is Not Enough


Bone Renewal

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Bone Renewal®

Because Calcium Alone Is Not Enough

Bone Renewal is an unsurpassed, comprehensive solution for optimal bone health with plant-based bioavailable calcium, magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2, enzymes, trace minerals, and something never before offered until now: our exclusive 4-part blend of rare, vitalizing botanical Synergizers™. No mineral isolates, synthetics, or limestone found here. When it comes to your bones, nature knows best!

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  • SuperPure® Extract Processing

    Contains plant extracts/concentrates made with our safe, eco-friendly SuperPure® processing methods

  • Gluten Free Gluten-free in accordance with US FDA guidelines, verified by ELISA testing
  • Non-GMO Free of Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Whole Spectrum Contains specially concentrated whole-food and plant-based ingredients with their whole spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients
  • Wild Harvested Contains natural ingredients that have been sustainably gathered from their wild habitat
  • Vegetarian Does not contain any animal ingredients
  • Dairy Free Product is verified to be free of dairy

Health Benefits

  • Supports healthy bone regeneration
  • Maintains your body’s vital “mineral storehouse”
  • Provides plant-based, bioavailable calcium
  • Botanical Synergizers offer an advanced dimension in bone health
  • Contains all of the essential co-factors to support bone building
  • Designed for both women and men of all ages 

Feed Your Bones The Very Best

Our bones are truly remarkable — all 200+ of them! They are a living and vital system, designed by nature to renew and regenerate every day. To stay healthy and strong throughout our entire lives, our bones require very specific, balanced daily nutritional support.  Bones not only give our bodies structure, strength, and mobility, they also serve as our “mineral storehouse,” help maintain our immune system, and contribute to our overall health in ways never before realized. Now there’s finally a product that works intensely and comprehensively to provide the full spectrum of support your healthy bones and whole body needs.

Inside each capsule of Bone Renewal, you’ll find a three-part blend of powerful bone health ingredients from land and sea, each supported by advanced nutritional science and by centuries of use in traditional cultures around the world: 100% plant-based calcium, magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2, enzymes, trace minerals, and a third category of nutrients not found in any other bone health formula — our rare and vitalizing botanical Synergizers. Highly researched yet never offered in a comprehensive formula, these extraordinary extracts are the “missing links” that enable a whole new dimension of bone health. Unparalleled, complete, and perfectly balanced, Bone Renewal truly lives up to its name!

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