Tips for Eating Healthy During Holiday Parties
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Tips for Eating Healthy During Holiday Parties

Tips for Eating Healthy During Holiday Parties

There are so many things to look forward to during the holidays — spending time with family and friends, gifts from loved ones, time off of work and school, and lots of festive parties full of unhealthy food. Navigating the seemingly endless food tsunami can be tricky if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help ensure that your holiday season isn’t spent in one long food coma.

Eat Before You Party

Arriving famished to a gathering is a recipe for overeating since when we’re hungry we tend to make poor food choices. Instead, eat a healthy snack like a handful of nuts, Greek yogurt mixed with Organic Berry Power™ Powder, or some carrot sticks and hummus, before heading to the festivities.

Socialize Before Eating

Try to focus on the event and not the buffet. Mingle, socialize, enjoy the ambiance and music. If need be, position yourself on the opposite side of the room as the food so it doesn’t distract you.

Drink Lots of Water

Grab a glass of water and keep it with you. Staying hydrated is critically important for all aspects of our health, plus it helps keep us full. Alcoholic drinks, eggnog, soda, and fruit punch are packed with calories, so keep them to a minimum. Or try a low-calorie, festive mocktail –check out Heavenly Holiday Mocktails for some ideas.

Quality Over Quantity

Savor foods that are a special treat and don’t waste calories on normal fare that you can get anytime. Skip the chips, dip, and fried foods. Choose instead something out of the ordinary that you’ll really enjoy.

Use a Small Plate

Emptying your plate is easy, no matter what size it is. So instead of piling up a large plate, grab one of the smaller plates to keep your portions under control.

Plants & Protein

Pile on food in order of importance as far as how it can benefit your health. Start with some veggies, next comes the protein, such as fish, tofu, tempeh, or chicken, and last the carbs.

Enzyme Power™

If you have trouble digesting any of the food groups, or tend to feel bloated or uncomfortable after a meal, bring some Enzyme Power™ with you to the party. The full spectrum of potent, plant-based enzymes in each capsule will enhance your digestion and nutrient absorption, and help keep you feeling great throughout the festivities — even if you overdo it at dinner.

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