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How Do I Know What Immune Supplement To Take?

There are many supplements that can assist and reinforce our immune system, but what are they, and how do we know which ones are right for us? To simplify the answer, let’s break down our immune challenges into three categories:

1) We caught a bug and feel under the weather.

2) Everyone around us is sick and we want to make sure we don’t join them.

3) Our immune system is out of balance and we feel chronically out of whack.

Red alert! I’m going down fast! What do I take?

With its 9 organic, herbal extracts Rapid Rescue® gives you immediate, powerful, and across-the-board support for a strong and healthy recovery. It energizes your immune army, supports healthy microbial balance, and fosters healthy bronchial, nasal, and sinus function. If you prefer taking a single-ingredient supplement, and want to supercharge your immune response SuperPure® Echinacea is the one to reach for.

Both SuperPure® Oregano and SuperPure® Olive contain high potency phytonutrients to promote healthy microbial balance and boost our body’s natural defenses. While SuperPure® Beta 1,3 Glucan primes the immune system for a healthy response, especially under stress, and boosts our innate and adaptive immune system. The 100% natural vitamin C in Pure Radiance C® feeds our immune cells to nourish and strengthen them for battle.


Yikes! I’m a teacher and am constantly in a room full of sniffling kids — or I travel a lot for work and am in airplanes full of coughing people — or I’m a nurse and have to deal with sick people all year long and I don’t want to catch their bugs. What do I take?

Derived exclusively from algae, SuperPure® Beta 1,3-Glucan binds to receptors on our immune cells and puts them on high alert to protect us. This provides a broad defense against all types of immune challenges, while also helping the body manage a healthy inflammation and stress response.

Immune Health™ is a comprehensive formula with the deepest-acting immune compounds that nature has to offer. Made with seven organic, immune-protective mushroom mycelium, as well as the powerful immune allies of SuperPure® Beta 1,3-Glucan, SuperPure® Fucoidan, and Superpure® Astragalus extract, it’s designed for daily, on-going systemic immune support and helps fortify and bolster our immune defenses.

Mainly known as an herb to help you recover quickly when you are under the weather, echinacea has also been shown to be effective at helping prevent you from catching the next bug. Depending on if your immune challenge is acute or preventative, the amount of SuperPure® Echinacea that you need to take varies. If you’re already hit with a bug, the amount is one capsule every 3-4 hours for up to 7 days to energize your immune system and support a healthy recovery. While if you’re exposed and at risk and want to thwart the invaders, the amount is one capsule per day.

SuperPure® Olive contains a powerful compound called oleuropein, that helps maintain healthy microbial balance and defend our bodies from foreign invaders. One capsule a day helps keep invaders at bay.

Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions in our immune system. In a nutshell, this essential nutrient strengthens our white blood cells so they can do their jobs of seeking and destroying germs more efficiently. Pure Radiance C® is a 100% natural form of vitamin C, unlike most vitamin C supplements that are made with synthetic ascorbic acid. This ensures our body can recognize, utilize, and most importantly, benefit from it.


Too much stress, lack of sleep and exercise, and a bad diet have weakened and thrown my immune system out of balance. Now what do I do?

It takes time to throw the immune system off track, and it also takes time to get it back into shape. First and foremost, to recuperate and recalibrate it we need to take care of ourselves and choose a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting enough good-quality sleep, and trying to minimize stress. In addition, certain supplements can help modulate and bring the whole system back into balance.

Immune Health™ excels at bringing immune function back to peak performance. Unlike formulas designed for acute, short-term immune support, it’s designed for long-term, systemic support. If taken daily in combination with a healthy lifestyle, it can give our immune system the helping hand it needs to get back to working like a well-oiled machine.

SuperPure® Beta 1,3-Glucan is such an immune superhero, it’s one of those immune supplements that should always be at hand, whether we need short-term, preventative, or ongoing immune assistance. It’s particularly great at helping prevent the next bug, and strengthening and bringing the whole system back into balance.

Like beta 1,3-glucan, SuperPure® Fucoidan is a relatively obscure compound that comes from algae. It’s a jack-of-all-trades for promoting our immune response, enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, and assisting in the healthy cellular aging process. It’s great to take when we’re feeling stuck in an immune rut.

Vitamin C is one of those nutrients that the body can’t generate on its own and has to get from our food or supplements. Considering how critical it is for our immune system, as well as many other bodily functions, it should be an essential component of our overall health strategy.



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