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Ceremonial, Organic Matcha Green Tea 800+ Years Of Quality and Tradition

Our Organic Matcha Power® green tea is a labor of tradition and love. We’ve had the privilege and honor to work with a wonderful, family-owned tea farm in Japan to bring you this authentic, certified organic matcha. We’re the only company in the United States who has exclusive rights to this amazing matcha green tea from this special place!


It’s hard to believe that less than 1% of all matcha in the world is of this extraordinary purity and quality. Most of it is reserved solely for special ceremonial use within Japan. Yet we made it happen — it was very important to us that our Organic Matcha Power® was crafted in the same way and spirit that it has been for over 800 years. Respect, tranquility, harmony, and purity — the 4 principles at the root of this 800+ year-old Japanese Tea Ceremony — guide the creation of Pure Synergy’s® true matcha.


The lovely Japanese family we work with has been the multi-generational steward of this small, sacred tea farm situated beneath the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji. This land is the absolute perfect, environmentally protected place on Earth for growing the best matcha there is. The spirit and history run deep here. It is a special place.

True matcha is specially shade-grown. Special covers are hoisted over the tea plants up to several weeks before harvest. This shading inhibits photosynthesis, causing the plants to concentrate large amounts of chlorophyll and other nutrients in the leaves. This is what gives matcha that amazing green color and its notable concentration of antioxidants.

Our Organic Matcha Power® is hand-harvested in early spring from only the youngest, sprouting leaves of the heirloom tea plants. Each leaf is hand inspected to ensure it meets the highest ceremonial-grade standards. It is then carefully prepared in the ancient traditional manner by being slow cold-milled into an ultra-fine, glowing jade green powder using a specially created and patented diamond tipped ceramic stone-tipped mill. Lastly, it is immediately vacuum-packed to ensure complete protection of all its special healing properties.

When freshly harvested, genuine matcha is a vibrant shade of jade green. This beautiful shade of green can only be acquired when matcha is grown, harvested and processed according to the principles that are part of its 800+ year-old tradition.


We quickly found that genuine certified organic matcha is a rare treasure. Our matcha is organically grown under the most pristine conditions and naturally processed without the use of any solvents, chemicals or other compromising substances. We also regularly test it to ensure its absolute purity and safety, including testing for heavy metals, radiation, microbes, and more.


Genuine matcha made in the traditional manner contains an amazing concentration of unique, well-researched antioxidants including the famous catechin EGCG. Results from the USDA’s ORAC test method show that matcha is on average 10 times greater in antioxidant potency on a gram for gram basis than superfoods like acai berry, dark chocolate, goji berries and many others. Three capsules or just 1 teaspoon daily of our Organic Matcha Power® contains the equivalent of multiple cups of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.


As you can see, truly authentic matcha green tea is more than just tea, it’s an art form. We hope you give it a try. We have a beautiful green powder—perfect for whisking up your morning tea; or try your hand at a Matcha latte or smoothie.  If you’re looking for convenience or don’t love the taste, our capsules may be the perfect choice for you. Just keep in your desk or bag for an on-the-go boost to your focus and productivity.





Healer & Teacher

Healer & Teacher

Mitchell May is a healer and a teacher whose gifts are recognized worldwide . . .

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