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Beta 1,3 Glucan: Nature’s Immune Booster

There are nearly 13,000 peer-reviewed articles discussing beta glucan in medical and scientific journals. Many of them focus specifically on the form called beta 1,3 glucan and its powerful, natural immune-boosting actions. Yet many of us have never heard of it. Fortunately, that’s quickly changing as the word gets out about the amazing immune benefits attributed to this unique compound.


Beta glucan is a naturally occurring compound found as an essential structural element in the cell walls of mushrooms, yeast, and in particular in one very special algae (more to come on this). Research indicates there is only one particular configuration of beta glucan that has the strongest immune-enhancing effects. It’s called beta 1,3 glucan.


According to the Beta Glucan Research Organization (BGRO), beta glucan is a “biological response modifier.” It modulates a healthy immune response by activating our immune cells. The beta 1,3 glucan compounds are recognized by your immune cells and ultimately make them better, more productive versions of themselves, thereby helping to protect us. Many of us may not know that we have two vitally important, yet distinct branches of our immune system. Amazingly, beta 1,3 glucan is one of the very few natural compounds that can work in this remarkable dual capacity to support both! As if this were not enough, in addition to its substantial immune properties, beta 1,3 glucan has also shown positive effects on a healthy stress response, healthy mood, healthy inflammation response, and an overall sense of well-being.


Make sure you are getting enough of a fully tested, standardized, and validated beta 1,3 glucan extract if you are seeking optimal immune effects. Unfortunately, beta 1,3 glucan is most commonly extracted from yeast, often with harsh chemicals, and is not often nearly concentrated enough. The good news is there is now a unique, 100% natural beta 1,3 glucan derived exclusively from a pure freshwater microalgae called Euglena gracilis. This water-extracted form of beta 1,3 glucan is incredibly pure, highly concentrated, easily bioavailable to your immune cells, and more economical to boot. It has the very highest percentage of the all important immune-boosting beta 1-3 glucan linkages. For all these reasons, a beta 1,3 glucan derived exclusively from algae is going to be an excellent choice to optimize your healthy immune response (plus more!).


Beta 1,3 glucan is a natural compound found in the cell walls of mushroom, yeast, and algae. It is most highly concentrated and bioavailable in an algae called Euglena gracilis. Beta 1,3 glucan puts our immune system on high alert. It makes our immune cells a better, more productive version of themselves. In this day and age, we could all use a happy, healthy dose of better immunity!


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