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Organic Commitment

Our commitment to organic goes back to the very beginnings of The Synergy Company. Long before there were any USDA government programs to classify and support organic agriculture, Mitchell May, the founder of The Synergy Company, understood the benefits to be gained from using organically grown ingredients in our nutritional supplements.

Mitchell initially engaged a handful of small family farms to cultivate and process the specialized organic plants that were needed to ensure both the potency and purity of his Pure Synergy Superfood. Today, we continue this important mission with hundreds of organically certified ingredients and thousands of acres converted to organic agriculture with our support. Synergy is known in the industry as a leader and innovator when it comes to organic. When something we need doesn’t exist in an organic form, we make it ourselves!


How Do I Know It’s Really Organic?

"Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict USDA uniform standards, which are verified by independent state and/or private organizations and revolve around the use of sustainable management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.thesynergycompany_otcoWhen you see the USDA symbol or OTCO Certified Organic symbol associated with one of our products or ingredients, it indicates its status as “certified organic” or “made with organic ingredients” under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Our licensed certifier, Oregon Tilth, audits and verifies that the ingredients have been grown and the product processed in full accordance with the strict USDA organic standards, which revolve around the use of safe and sustainable practices to restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony. These standards forbid the use of chemical and artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, additives, GMOs, or synthetics of any kind. We feel that “going organic” is the only way to go for both the health of you and the health of our planet.

For Your Health and Our Planet’s Health

Choosing organic has a very deep and positive impact on the health of our ecosystem as well as one’s personal health and the health of one’s family. By choosing organic, we — and you through your purchasing power — are supporting a safe, non-polluting, more diverse, and sustainable agricultural system and environment. At the heart of our organic mission is our absolute dedication to a better future for our planet including everyone and everything that lives here.

Organically grown food products are powerfully life affirming. When we choose them, we embrace the value, beauty, safety, and regenerative practices of a way of life that has successfully nourished the human family for thousands of years, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

In supporting these organic practices, we provide an opportunity for family farmers to once again thrive and work in a safe environment that does not directly threaten their health. We help to restore farms and their surrounding environs to thriving ecosystems that nourish dozens of species that cooperatively cohabit with wildlife and natural spaces. We ensure the pristine quality of groundwater, streams, rivers, estuaries, and ocean coastal areas, thus preserving safe drinking water and habitat for us and all life. We ensure a safe food supply that is free of dangerous poisons. And once again, we consume foods and supplements that truly nourish and sustain us.

Top Reasons We Choose Organic

  1. Healthier, safer and all around better for you, your loved ones, and the whole world
  2. Avoids the unknown risks of GMOs, irradiation, and hundreds of synthetic chemicals
  3. Absolutely NO added hormones, antibiotics, sewage sludge, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, etc.
  4. Reduces pollution, and protects the overall quality, purity, and safety of all our drinking water
  5. Promotes the optimal biodiversity, restoration, and health of our whole ecosystem
  6. Maintains healthy soil that produces trustworthy, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods
  7. Creates a sustainable, safe, and healthy work environment for farmworkers and communities
  8. Preserves heirloom and vital seed varieties for the benefit and welfare of our children and future generations
  9. Supports “family farms” and generates meaningful solutions for our broken agricultural system
  10. Helps give animals, birds, fish, bees, humans, and all life forms the protection they need and deserve


Organic Certification

The Synergy Company has been committed to organic, sustainable agriculture since its inception. Our facility is certified to manufacture USDA organic products. We also comply with the organic equivalency programs of Canada, Europe, and Asia. Learn more about our various certifications.