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Life Force Superfood

Pure Synergy®
A Life force superfood
for healing and rejuvenation

Excerpt from Explore, a professional journal for healthcare practitioners,
by Gabriel Cousens, MD

Life Force

Standing in our colorful, abundant, circular garden at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, I am in awe of the life force vibrating around me. The green plants exude incredible energy. The bees are busy buzzing and the worms are plowing the rich soil. Just standing for a moment in this flow, I feel nurtured and rejuvenated. The secret of life is happening here.

By experiencing the green power in our gardens, we may develop a greater understanding of the overall play of life forces. As we jump from the poetry of my circular garden to the poetry of the biophysics of our planetary garden, it is important to understand the words of Nobel Prize laureate Szent-Györgyi, "We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun." The green of our garden, the algae in our water, the trees, grasses and herbs on our lands are the transforming agents that harvest the sun's light via the process of photosynthesis. When we consume these foods, this stored sun energy is released into our bodies as electrons; it is then transformed into ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the biological energy necessary for all cellular function.

If we are gaining electrons in our diet, we are able to build up an ATP energy surplus of vital life force. This ATP surplus is healing, sustaining and rejuvenating. Unfortunately, in these modern times such an electron surplus is uncommon. This is why it is important to incorporate foods with concentrated electron life force into our diets. They are foods that contain pure, unadulterated sun energy in a synergistic, assimilable form. My interest in the superfood formula called Pure Synergy came out of my search for the highest vital force, highest-electron food concentrate for myself and my clients.

When we lose electrons because of excess free radicals in our bodies and unhealthy lifestyles, then our vital force is diminished and we accelerate aging and cellular and tissue degeneration. Knowing this, the importance of eating a variety of green plants, grasses, algae, high-enzyme foods, herbs and other life force enhancing foods takes on new significance.


Energy Fields


Every plant has a specific energy pattern, just as does every human. In my book Conscious Eating, I refer to these patterns as Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs)1. In my theory of nutrition, eating high life force foods such as organic and uncooked foods energizes our life force. Low life force foods, such as junk foods and foods grown on pesticided and herbicided soils, deplete our SOEFs of energy and move them toward disorganization. Another part of my nutritional theory is that as we assimilate plants, algae, herbs and other foods containing abundant sun energy and life force, we are affected by their specific patterns on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each reverberating plant pattern synchronizes with our own oscillating human energy fields to enliven, heal and rejuvenate us on all levels. It is through assimilating pure, highly organized energy patterns into our own energy fields that our own life force patterns are energized, revitalized and made more coherent.

When our own energy fields are enlivened and made more coherent, entropy (the process of degeneration) is reversed and rejuvenation occurs. However, when our SOEFs are depleted of energy, they become more chaotic, and entropy, or aging, occurs. A coherent SOEF pattern creates more coherent RNA and DNA patterns. When our RNA and DNA energy structures are organized and energized, our cells divide properly and our organs function and heal efficiently. When these structures are disorganized, the cells do not divide properly. If the structures are sufficiently disorganized, the ultimate chaos, which we call cancer, may occur. One of the most effective and powerful ways I have found to help patients to bring their energy systems (SOEFs) back to a condition of coherency and vitality, thereby creating and supporting a high level of health and wellness, is to eat living superfoods of the highest quality.

Kirlian photography, which measures the electromagnetic fields around living organisms, gives us a visual way to grasp the meaning of the SOEFs. As we look at Kirlian photographs of different foods, we can see patterns that are unique to each food. When the plant is organically grown and harvested at the optimal time, its pattern is more clearly defined and it has a stronger energy field than its conventionally and chemically grown counterpart. From this we can see that plants with weak electromagnetic patterns are probably not providing us with complete nutrition or energy. Those with highly organized and energized patterns, on the other hand, deliver more complete, harmonious energy to our systems. Thus, an optimum food is one that will transfer, in the most balanced and synergistic way, a complex of healing and rejuvenating life force patterns into our biological systems. In my quest for the highest life force food concentrate with the most coherent SOEF synergistic pattern, I have seen that Pure Synergy is at the very top of the list. It is the purest, most balanced and complete superfood complex I have ever found.


Visualizing the Life Force with Kirlian Photography2

Kirlian photography showing hand of a healer Kirlian photography showing hand of a healer

Kirlian photography is a means of taking pictures of the nonmaterial world without a camera. It provides a way of viewing the unseen patterns of energy and force fields that probably permeate all substances. It offers mankind a tool with which to view both art and science. The technique can serve as a medical diagnostic instrument as well. The Kirlian effect is useful for recording energy balances and harmonies in all forms of life.3 The earliest experiments in Kirlian electrophotography were conducted by the three legendary pioneers in the development and application of electricity, Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Kirlian photography, as science knows it today, was developed by the Russian physicist S. D. Kirlian in the 1930s.

Discussing the Kirlian effect in their book The Dark Side of the Brain, Drs. Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill suggest that the Kirlian effect results from a high-voltage corona discharge caused by pulsed high-frequency waves.4 The equipment that produces the Kirlian photographic effect uses no light but only the radiation spark discharging from an object being photographed on a film emulsion. The object being photographed is brought into direct contact with a specially constructed photographic plate and briefly exposed to a precisely controlled high-frequency electrical charge. As this high-frequency charge resonates with the research object being photographed, a "corona discharge" emanation, or "energy field" (SOEF), consisting of billions of electrons moves from the photographed object to the photographic plate. Depending upon the type of film used—instant color film, 35-millimeter black and white film or something else with an emulsion that records images—different colors or shadings appear in a brilliant corona surrounding the object.5 William A. Tiller, PhD, of Stanford University has expressed deep interest in the Kirlian effect. He says that each individual organism or material radiates and absorbs energy via a unique wave field that exhibits certain geometrical frequency and radiation-type characteristics. Whether animate or inanimate, all forms of matter have an extended force field around them.


The Creation of Pure Synergy


Pure Synergy was created by Mitchell May, who, starting in 1973, spent over 15 years researching and developing the product as part of a special research project at UCLA Medical Center. The result of his work is the best source of synergistic plant energy patterns available on the planet today. Pure Synergy offers a pure, concentrated, live food source of complete, complex nutrition for all levels of being. And it is the only one of its kind. Though many companies have tried to copy the product, they do not really understand or choose to follow the principles of optimal harvesting conditions, organic growing and pattern resonance that forge the profound healing and rejuvenating qualities provided in Pure Synergy.

In order to more fully understand the potency of Pure Synergy, it is helpful to know how and why Mitchell May developed it. In 1972, May nearly died from a catastrophic automobile accident. He sustained 40 fractures with several inches of bone loss, severed nerves, massive muscle loss, punctured lungs and other serious complications. His leg was so badly mangled that, in order to save his life, his UCLA doctors insisted on amputation. Fortunately, Jack Gray, a highly researched and extraordinary healer, agreed to administer his unorthodox healing skills to Mitchell May in a tightly controlled research capacity. Using various forms of electromagnetic transfer to restore Mitchell May's life force, Gray worked with May for several years. At the end of these treatments, May experienced nearly complete regeneration of skin, bones, muscles, nerves and organ tissue. His exceptional healing and regeneration, including regaining the use of his legs, is a recovery that over 70 orthopedic doctors had insisted would be impossible. Today, Mitchell rock climbs, race walks, dances and enjoys long hikes.

May worked with Gray for seven years as his apprentice. In this time, he was able to further deepen his understanding of the healing powers of life force energies, and what began as a personal healing quest grew into what became an intense research project into the power of life force. He began to see the life force (referred to for centuries by many names in other cultures, such as chi in China, ki in Japan and prana in India) as that which nourishes, sustains, heals and gives us the spark of life. Once he learned how to tap into and enhance the life force within himself, he searched to find ways to help others do the same.

The life force May experienced and researched seemed to manifest in certain specific patterns and structures. These patterns, according to his findings, have the capacity to not only help us heal and regenerate, but to expand our consciousness and to see life in a whole new dimension. As he penetrated deeper into the ways to activate the life force, May began to see that certain specific natural substances—plants, herbs, enzymes, algae, mushrooms and sprouts—contain very coherent and radiant harmonic patterns of life force energy. These gifts of nature are actually reservoirs and transmitters of pure life force energy. It also became clear to May that when these high life force organisms are properly grown, harvested and prepared, there is a powerful transfer of their energetic patterns into our energetic fields in a way that greatly energizes our beings and promotes optimal health and rejuvenation.


As May's research continued, it became obvious to him that the unique healing, rejuvenative and nourishing powers of certain superfoods are significantly enhanced when combined in specific proportions. Thus, the next phase of his research focused on finding the optimal synergistic balance to enhance the power of each food he had identified. In this synergy, the whole becomes greater than the sum of all the parts. Its ability to gather, activate and set free the life force that dwells in every human being is amplified. It was out of this research that his Pure Synergy superfood was born.

As May explored its elements for the continuation of his own regeneration and healing, he also received clinical feedback from several healthcare practitioners who were testing the formulation. The universal response to Pure Synergy was that it consistently offered the body and mind the essential foundations for strong and vibrant health. It thoroughly supported the immune system and filled the vital need for creating authentic energy and mental clarity. Most of the products on the market today that appear to give energy—such as caffeine, ma huang and guarana—actually use up our life force instead of rebuilding it. In the long run, this false stimulation may in fact wear out our adrenal systems. My personal and clinical observation of Pure Synergy is that unlike many other products, it actually rebuilds the life force energy by nourishing and supporting the body to heal itself and become its own source of balanced energy. Pure Synergy is also perfectly balanced according to the proper protein and carbohydrate ratios that have been researched and outlined by MIT's Dr. Barry Sears in his book Enter the Zone.6 Because Pure Synergy is such a balanced superfood that feeds us on all levels, it is a formula that can be taken safely every day. When the body and mind are in balance, exceptional health, vitality and all-around peak performance can be experienced.

Today, there is more need than ever before for a true life-enhancing food. The chaotic and unhealthy conditions of our modern world, including polluted air and water, depleted soils, overactive lifestyles and disharmonious thought forms, require a harmonious, natural level of support. This support, found in specific healing and rejuvenating foods and herbs, seems the most intelligent and complete way to address our ills, be they mental, spiritual or physical. Because Pure Synergy contains the purest, most bioactive, concentrated and balanced combination of such foods, it is the single best superfood supplement I can recommend.

The Principles of Synergy

When certain energies are blended together in a precise manner, they activate the potential of each other's healing and balancing nature, or essence, on both a biochemical and an alchemical level. This synergistic action is actively present in Pure Synergy. The whole of Pure Synergy is greater than the sum of its parts, and it is helpful to look at the parts as a way to understand the whole. Pure Synergy consists of the following seven general synergistic categories:

  1. A full-spectrum blend of 10 unique, specially grown, organic or pharmaceutically grown, and fresh freeze-dried, cold-dried or Refractance Window dried pure algae.
  2. Four varieties of certified organically grown Asian mushrooms referred to by Taoist masters as the mushrooms of immortality. The immuno-supportive Brazilian mushroom, Agaricus blazei, is also included.
  3. Organically grown, bioactive and free-radical quenching antioxidant plant enzymes and phytonutrients from fresh freeze-dried, enzymatically active sprouts, blueberries and raspberries; also included are organic whole apple fruit and green papaya fruit.
  4. An organic and completely balanced combination of 17 Asian herbs that have been used as a rejuvenating formula for over 2,000 years.
  5. A comprehensive collection of certified organically grown, fresh freeze-dried or CO2 cold-dried 100% real grass juice powders and vegetable greens, which are all enzymatically alive.
  6. A health-supporting blend of organically grown Western herbs. To assure freshness and full potency, Pure Synergy contains only freeze-dried herbs.
  7. An exclusive and organic herbal antioxidant component that fully preserves and protects the freshness and nutritional vitality of the highly sensitive elements in Pure Synergy.


Notable References

Each ingredient in Pure Synergy is laudable on its own, but together the ingredients create a package that is incredible. Pure Synergy seems to act as a biological signal to nourish, support and awaken the latent healing and rejuvenation powers that dwell within each of us. It appears to have a cleansing, detoxifying, purifying and rebuilding effect on the entire physiology. A typical response to this product, as given by a client of mine who has been concerned with her health for a long time, is:

"I have taken many specially prescribed protein and green algae drinks in the past without much improvement in my sense of well-being, but when I take Pure Synergy, I feel fulfilled in a way that I have never felt before from food or any other supplement. My whole body feels balanced out; all my cravings leave, including those for dairy, meat, wine, beer and coffee. When I eat meals, I now eat from a place of contentment."

Other well-respected people say similar things.

Frank Hoffman, MD, founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association, comments: "I want to tell you that Pure Synergy works! The best description that I can offer is that it feels as if the cells of my body have more aliveness. I highly recommend it to my patients."

"Pure Synergy comes closest to the most perfect food ever developed by man. It makes a huge difference in the increased amount of energy I feel. Unlike any other food item, it elevates my mood and offers a mental and emotional uplift. My patients love Pure Synergy," says Dr. Michael Whelan.

"The abundant energy pickup, greater stamina, better mental alertness, improved digestion and elimination, and weight control qualities of Pure Synergy are truly gratifying," says Dr. Morton Walker, world-renowned medical journalist.

"I never knew how powerful a nutritional supplement could be—the way Pure Synergy boosts my energy level throughout the day makes me feel more whole and vibrant. My overall health has improved," comments Judith Orloff, MD, author of Second Sight.

"I know the integrity of the product and the stringent criteria used in the choice and preparation of the ingredients. Pure Synergy is a product that I believe in and that I use. I highly recommend Pure Synergy," from Ralph Golan, MD, author of the acclaimed health classic Optimal Wellness.

"In my experience, Pure Synergy provides the most effective and reliable immune enhancement on the market today. My patients who use it feel much more energetic, vital and healthy. Daily supplementation with Pure Synergy is a key part of my own wellness and preventative health care," reports Joy Craddick, MD, medical director of Partners for Health.

These powerful testimonials support my clinical observations that Pure Synergy enhances the life force in a way that increases vitality, clarity of mind, physical vitality and mental alertness. It increases our sense of well-being and wholeness, strengthens the immune system, improves health, activates the rejuvenation process and enhances cellular aliveness and joy.


Uncompromising Quality

It took Mitchell May over 15 years to perfect Pure Synergy. In this process, he put attention to every detail of the planting, harvesting, preparation and production of the ingredients. I thought I was extremely discriminating about the quality of foods until I began to talk with Mitchell. He is the most meticulous person I have ever met. He has created an incredibly valuable product that reflects his own integrity. He says, "It's not enough to have certain ingredients combined in a certain formula. If the ingredients are not top quality, if they have been grown or processed in a way that diminishes their nutritional and healing properties, if the 'life' that is born in them is not itself nourished properly or is processed out of them, the final product itself is of little value."


As a discerning consumer attempting to evaluate the many products on the market, you must ask the right questions to obtain the answers that can allow you to be discriminating.

  • Are the ingredients certified organic?
  • Is there any maltodextrin (corn starch), rice bran, lecithin, flax meal, barley malt, grass fiber powders, apple pectin, apple fiber or other inexpensive fillers added to the product?
  • Are the ingredients in the product CO2 cold-temperature-dried or fresh freeze-dried, which are the only proven drying technologies that fully protect and preserve the bioactive nutrients and enzymes? Spray-drying, which is used for nearly all other products, is done at very high temperatures and destroys enzymes and important nutrients.
  • Are the green grasses organically grown, juiced and then CO2 cold-temperature-dried, or are they simply dried and powdered? Juiced grasses are more concentrated and more bioavailable because the cell wall has been broken down.
  • Are the herbs certified organic and freeze-dried slowly? When herbs are freeze-dried, the volatile oils, which are electron carriers and active healing constituents, are kept intact.
  • Is the storage container plastic or glass? Research shows that when ingredients such as beta-carotene are exposed to oxygen, heat, light or moisture, they become oxidized and degraded. Glass bottles are not permeable to oxygen, while plastic is. For example, 30% of the beta-carotene of a substance oxidizes when it is placed in a plastic bottle.
  • Are the ingredients gathered and produced in environmentally safe conditions and from environmentally safe land and water areas?

Pure Synergy is made exclusively at The Synergy Company’s award-winning, certified organic, kosher and wind-powered production facility. May oversees and participates in every aspect of the making of Pure Synergy—from the planting, gathering and harvesting to the testing, production and bottling. In addition to his years of product research, he spent over three years researching ways to ensure the complete freshness, potency, vitality and purity of the product. Each batch undergoes over 600 tests to make certain that all of the ingredients meet May's exacting standards for purity. This level of testing is unheard of for any other product that I know.

Pure Synergy is the only formula that fulfills all of the critical criteria for a true superfood. In answer to the above questions: Nearly all of the ingredients in Pure Synergy are certified organic. They are CO2 cold-temperature-dried or fresh freeze-dried so that more of the nutrients and enzymes are preserved (this process keeps temperatures at or below 88 degrees Fahrenheit and ensures no oxidation). The green grasses are juiced and then cold-dried, making them more bioavailable because the cell wall has been broken. The herbs in Pure Synergy are freeze-dried slowly so that they retain their volatile oils, which are electron carriers and active healing constituents. In addition, there is no maltodextrin (corn starch), rice bran, lecithin, flax meal, barley malt, grass fiber powders, apple pectin, apple fiber or other inexpensive filler added to the product. The ingredients are gathered and produced in environmentally safe conditions and from environmentally safe land and water areas. And finally, Pure Synergy is vacuum-packaged in glass rather than plastic and is then hermetically sealed. Glass bottles keep nutrients from oxidizing and degrading. Glass is impermeable to oxygen.

The Green Path


In my practice at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, I have seen the powerful effects of starting people on the green path. It reconnects us with the primal mysteries and source of life on this planet and into the direct experiential wisdom of the forces of nature. The green path is powerful for the healing and rejuvenation of humans and the planet. It includes not only eating superfoods like Pure Synergy, but creating more harmonious life and work styles. It includes awareness of and attention to breathing, exercising, loving and working in harmony with the natural laws so that we may build up our internal life force, become resistant to our planetary toxic load and lead full, vibrant lives.

Never before in history have humans been faced with such an onslaught of toxins, both external in the air, water and soil, and internal from modern life stress. In the face of this toxic load, it is essential to nourish ourselves in the most powerful ways possible. Though there are now many superfood products on the market that have been inspired by Mitchell May's Pure Synergy, in my opinion none can compare with Pure Synergy. I feel that Pure Synergy is the single best superfood I can recommend for supporting us on the green path of healing and rejuvenation.


Synergy Today

Mitchell May is still very active with his ongoing research projects, along with his many responsibilities, including teaching internationally, consulting with doctors and patients, and producing Pure Synergy. Mitchell has several other original and unique products designed to support your health, immune system, energy and overall well-being, and I strongly suggest you stay tuned to the groundbreaking work that will continue to come from Mitchell May and The Synergy Company.



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7 Author Gabriel Cousens, MD, received his medical degree from Columbia Medical School in 1969. He served in the United States Public Health Service. He was the chief mental health consultant for Sonoma County Operation Headstart as well as a consultant for the California State Department of Mental Health. He has published articles in the areas of biochemistry, school health, clinical pharmacology, hypoglycemia and Alzheimer's disease. He is the author of Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, and Sevenfold Peace. He is currently director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.

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