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Mitchell May

Mitchell May Articles

Get to know Mitchell, our founder and chairman

After a near-fatal car accident in 1972, Mitchell undertook an intensive and extraordinary healing journey that forever changed the meaning and focus of his life. An "accidental" businessman who realized that he could help thousands of people reach their potential through his work at Synergy, he continues to stand at the helm of creative genius, meticulously researching and designing every single one of our formulas and breathing life into our amazing product line!

  • Healer and Teacher
    An introduction to the life story and accomplishments of Mitchell May, founder and chairman of The Synergy Company.
  • The Real Miracle
    Article by Stephanie Hiller originally published in Yoga Journal explores Mitchell May’s life altering accident and his remarkable journey of healing and becoming a healer.
  • Healing Spirits
    Excerpt from the book, Healing Spirits, this article explores Mitchell May’s deep journey of healing, and his connection to the powerful forces of nature, and his personal training and responsibilities as a healer who bridges the worlds of the “seen and unseen”.
  • Healing Life Interview
    Tara Fellner’s article about Mitchell’s healing and transformation originally published in Whole Life Times: “Where Medicine Stops, Miracles Begin”.
  • New Dimensions Interview
    Read the full transcript of National Public Radio’s Michael Tom’s historic interview with Mitchell May.

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