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Kirlian Photos

Visualizing the life force with Kirlian photography


In the 1970s, after many years of research, a team at UCLA including Mitchell May successfully created specialized techniques that captured the Kirlian effect in photographic form. These amazing photographs illustrate the phenomenal life energy in natural healing substances. Displayed here are fascinating photographs of the life force energy found in The Synergy Company's superfoods. Please note that all of the rare Kirlian images used on The Synergy Company's website are copyrighted and have been furnished courtesy of Mitchell M. May and The Synergy Company. They may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission from the copyright holders.

Mitchell May's Research with Kirlian Photography

After a near-fatal accident, Mitchell May fortuitously met Jack Gray, a well-known energy healer. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful healing partnership. Jack worked extensively with Mitchell during his long, post accident recuperation and then as Mitchell's mentor and teacher for the next seven years. During this time, Mitchell came to understand that life force energy, also known as chi, ki or prana, is the source of our life spark — it continually nourishes, sustains and heals us. What began as a personal journey towards recovery, became a passionate study of the sources and power of life force energies. Mitchell immersed himself in the healing traditions of ancient cultures, looking for ways to identify and use this life spark to create health and regeneration. In his cross-cultural studies, he found a common thread running through these ancient traditions. Certain nutrient-dense plants, such as algae, berries, sprouts, young grasses, mushrooms, herbs and flowers, were used consistently to spark a therapeutic response.

Mitchell began using Kirlian photography, photomicrography and polarized light fields to produce energy field images of these natural substances. He found that life force energy manifested as specific patterns and structures. Those plants with the brightest, most intricate and most well-balanced energy, such as particular herbs, algae, mushrooms and sprouts, were the same botanicals used by traditional healers. Their unusually radiant and harmonic patterns seemed to be valuable reservoirs of pure life force energy. It became clear to Mitchell that when these healing foods are expertly grown, harvested, prepared and blended together, they transfer their inherent patterns into our energetic fields and greatly enhance our health and well-being. For this reason, Mitchell May has taken extraordinary measures to preserve the life force energies of the ingredients in Pure Synergy and all other Synergy Company products. Dr. Gabriel Cousens further explains this concept in an article for Explore magazine.

What is Kirlian Photography

In their book, The Dark Side of the Brain, Drs. Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill suggest that the effect observed in Kirlian photography results from a high-voltage coronal discharge. It is caused by pulsed high-frequency waves (not to be confused with simple high-frequency waves) and can therefore be explained in terms of ordinary physics. William A. Tiller, PhD, of Stanford University, states that every substance and organism radiates and absorbs energy via a unique wave field, which then exhibits certain geometrical frequency and radiation characteristics. There is a measurable, extended force field that exists around all forms of matter, whether animate or inanimate.

Equipment Used to Produce Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photographs are created utilizing a metal plate and a generator, or oscillator, to produce a high-voltage field of variable pulse and frequency. There is no light used in this process. Through the action of high-frequency fields, electrons are emitted from the body of an organism, and this energy is dissipated into a photographic emulsion, as light would be. Different colors or shadings appear in a brilliant corona surrounding the object, depending upon the type of film used.

Kirlian Images of Plants


Flowering Plant

This Kirlian photograph shows a beautiful, mandala-shaped vibratory image that appears in certain plants when they are at their peak of flowering. Plants harvested too early or too late won't reveal this type of harmonic image. The potency and quality of a natural food product depend upon harvesting its ingredients at the optimal time.


Organic Nettle Leaf

A Kirlian photograph of an exceedingly healthy, organically grown nettle leaf (Urtica urens). Nettle is one of the many specially raised and freeze-dried organic herbs contained in Pure Synergy's superfood formula. Notice the energetic balance of this leaf and its beautiful light and color.


Organic Barley Grass

A Kirlian photograph of the vitality and vibrant energy of organically grown barley grass. Notice the intense and magnetic-like energy emanating from the tip of this plant. Because vibrant energy is most abundant near the tip, Mitchell May uses only the top few inches of each blade of grass to produce his grass juices.


Organic Sprouts

Shown is a Kirlian photograph of the tremendous energy, vitality and viability of the enzymatically active sprouts in Mitchell's product. He first observed the energetic and rejuvenative potential of certain sprouts in 1973, during his early research at UCLA.


Organic Asian Herbs

Shown is a vibrant and colorful Kirlian photograph of the Synergized Organic Asian Herbs in Pure Synergy's, which reveals this component's deep and strong energy pattern. Notice the beautiful, complementary colors of deep red and blue-violet, which Chinese healers had described long before the development of Kirlian photography. In fact, for over 2,000 years, Chinese herbologists have written in great detail about the energetic properties of each of their herbs.


Creeping Charlie House Plant

This photograph shows the typical houseplant Creeping Charlie. Most striking is that the plant was part of a yearlong experiment during which it was sent healing energy every day. Notice the exceptionally brilliant aura and colors. The plant thrived over three times longer than normal Creeping Charlie plants. During the course of this experiment, an identical plant undergoing the same physical care, but without receiving any healing energy, did not register any images when Kirlian photographs were taken.


Non-Organically Grown Plant

Shown in this Kirlian photograph is the depleted vital energy of a typical conventionally grown, chemically sprayed and overprocessed plant. Notice the black holes inside the leaf's energy field as well as the conspicuous lack of luster and vitality around the leaf. Contrast this Kirlian image with the others on this page and notice their vibrant and full energy fields, which form from healthy and organically grown plants.

Kirlian Images of Pure Synergy


Synergized Asian Mushrooms & Herbs

Here we see the unique Synergized Asian Mushrooms and Herbs component in Pure Synergy, captured by using a newly designed 200-pulse Kirlian device, which allows viewing of only the flow and patterns of energy, without any physical form of a substance appearing on the film emulsion. Lovely pink colors with many sparklers predominate in the image. Mitchell researched for years to formulate his special organic mushroom component. Please note that the following three photographs were also taken by using the new 200-pulse Kirlian device.


Synergized Organic Algae

This Kirlian photograph shows the exclusive blend of Synergized Organic Algae utilized for Pure Synergy. Notice its electric-looking force field coupled with its beautiful bursting energy and red-pink color. Only the highest-quality algae reveal this type of vital energy.


Synergized Western Herbs

A Kirlian photograph of Pure Synergy's organic, fresh freeze-dried Synergized Western Herbs. Note the three concentric circles of color — white, pink and blue — with the trail of blue leading off to the side. Conventionally grown herbs typically fail to show such energy patterns.


Pure Synergy Powder

Shown is a test photograph using the Kirlian effect. To examine the viability and value of Pure Synergy, researchers took this Kirlian photograph of Pure Synergy after it had been bottled and was sitting on a shelf for more than one year. The image reveals that the green superfood stored within is completely alive with its inherent life force. Notice the inner circle of white light with its extending rays and the three arcs of lightning-like energy forming yet another circle. This is a true picture of the synergistic, or enhanced, collective of all the individual components that create the food product.

Kirlian Images of Herbs

Kirlian photography showing hand of a healer

Hand of Healer

Depicted is a Kirlian photograph of the entire hand of a healer. The light captured in this photograph is a result of the energy emanating from the healer's hand. No outside lighting of any kind was used. Notice the even and balanced corona, or aura, around the entire hand. This was taken as the healer was preparing himself, with a form of meditation, to begin a healing session with a client.


Healer’s Finger Tip

Shown is a Kirlian photograph of a healer's fingertip while he is in a healing state of consciousness after meditation. Notice the beautiful and enlarged emanations radiating from the fingertip, as well as the unique energy, or light patterns, within the finger.


Fingertips of Healer & Patient

Shown are two fingertips, one of the same healer viewed in the previous photograph and the other belonging to a person requiring healing. The healer has made himself ready to transfer healing energy to his client. The yellow ball of energy seen is the healer's finger, and the blue oval is the patient's finger aura.


Healing Energy

Shown is the fingertip of the same healer viewed in the previous photographs as he sends forth healing energy to a client. Notice the yellow flare streaming forth from his finger. Compare this photograph to the previous one, and you'll see this yellow light in his finger as it builds up. His aura then returns to a blue oval.


Healing Energy

Shown is a Kirlian photograph of a second healer sending forth healing energy toward a client from his fingertip.


Energy Exchange

Shown is an energy exchange between two people who are not professional healers but are sharing a healing encounter. When two persons are open to one another and feel trust in each other, there will be a healing exchange of energy between them. Notice how their energies are reaching out and joining together.

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