Healing Honey®

Organic and Raw Active 10+ Manuka Honey


Healing Honey

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Healing Honey®

Organic and Raw Active 10+ Manuka Honey

Healing Honey is one of nature’s most enriching health elixirs. Our rare, genuine Manuka honey is hand-gathered from the pristine nature preserves of New Zealand with incredible care for both the bees and the honey itself. It’s indescribably delicious, certified organic, and 100% raw with fully verified 10+ activity levels for optimal immune support and radiant well-being. Where can this ship?


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  • Certified Organic Certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program, verified by Oregon Tilth
  • Gluten Free Gluten-free in accordance with US FDA guidelines, verified by ELISA testing
  • Non-GMO Free of Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Whole Spectrum Contains specially concentrated whole-food and plant-based ingredients with their whole spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients
  • Wild Harvested Contains natural ingredients that have been sustainably gathered from their wild habitat
  • Vegetarian Does not contain any animal ingredients
  • Dairy Free Product is verified to be free of dairy

Health Benefits

  • Soothing, scrumptious, and restorative
  • Maintains your body’s healthy immune response
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Contains a number of free radical-busting antioxidants that support your health
  • Boosts your energy and endurance naturally
Healing honey flowers

New Zealand’s Finest, Certified Organic “Liquid Gold”

For only six glorious weeks of every year, the wondrous honeybees of New Zealand's nature preserves buzz among the wild and fragrant flowering Manuka trees carrying their precious treasure of Manuka nectar back to the hive. From this nectar, the bees create one of the sweetest, most enticing, and health-supporting foods known to humankind. The amazing gift of their six weeks of labor is “liquid gold”: Healing Honey.

Our Healing Honey is exclusively hand-harvested from these pristine nature preserves of New Zealand, where our bees contentedly live out their natural life cycle, nourished on the rare and sweet nectar of the flowering Manuka tree. Healing Honey is certified organic, kosher, and raw to ensure it offers you all of the astounding qualities and beneficial attributes found only in pure Active 10+ Manuka Honey. Discover the difference — and enjoy its utterly delicious and health-enhancing goodness!

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