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From our humble beginning long ago to now, The Synergy Company has been dedicated to providing our life-enhancing, inspired by nature, organic supplements to the world community.

We invite you to learn about how we started, who we are, and what’s important to us.


Mitchell May, Our Founder
In 1972, a near-fatal car accident catapulted a young Mitchell May onto a profound healing journey during which he learned about the phenomenal power of whole foods, botanicals, and the healing force within us all. The priceless knowledge he gained from working with herbalists, healers and doctors from around the world would go on to inspire his creations. Today, Mitchell still masterminds each and every one of our innovative formulas.


Privately & Family Owned—Still!
We have been privately and family owned and operated since our official launch in 1991—a tight knit family of employees involved in every aspect of our mission. While our company continues to grow every day, we never have and never will compromise our small company values. Our customers rave about our personal customer service team, still in-house and always here to answer your questions. Our personal relationship with you is one of our most important goals.


Our Home & Our People
From its modest beginnings in a home office with just a few visionary employees, our company has expanded into an award-winning “green”, wind-powered, certified organic facility with 75+ dedicated employees from all walks of life. The common denominator among us is our desire to be a part of a company that truly makes a difference. We are situated in the beautiful community of Moab, Utah and are inspired by the red rock canyons and breathtaking La Sal Mountains.


Being, Not “Going”, Green
Following the green path was never a calculated decision, but rather a natural extension of who we are and what we value. From the beginning, before it was hip to be green, our business practices and infrastructure have reflected our eco-conscious philosophy. Building our “green” state of the art facility was a no-brainer. And we always choose our ingredients both for how they will beneficially affect your health and well-being, but also for how they will NOT harm the earth.


Ingredients from Nature—Nothing Synthetic
We would challenge anyone to find a supplement company that is as fanatical as we are about using pure and natural ingredients. We don’t mess with Mother Nature! As such, you will not find a single synthetic ingredient in our formulas. That includes our organic whole food vitamins and minerals, our solvent-safe extracted herbs and everything else. We are 100% committed to using pure ingredients from nature, capturing the “life force” that makes each one so special.


Certified Organic & Non-GMO
From day one over 20 years ago, we have been committed to certified organic standards and a strict non-GMO policy. Our third party certifying agency, Oregon Tilth, is responsible for ensuring absolute compliance with USDA Organic standards. We do not allow any GMOs in any of our ingredients, products or facility. This model policy was enacted long before the growing consumer awareness. We adhere to these standards for the health of both you and the environment.


Authentic Quality
Many companies claim to have high quality products, but we all know that this is far from the truth. Synergy has become synonymous with reputable, authentic quality. We instituted a quality assurance program long ago and continue to be 100% committed to standards that go far beyond most in the industry. We call it our Synergized® system—a rigorous set of perfected steps to bring a product from seed to shelf with the utmost integrity. We are trusted throughout the world for these uncompromising standards.


Innovative & Effective Products
We are, perhaps, most respected for our innovative and highly effective products. Innovation to us doesn’t mean jumping on the latest newfangled trend. Instead it comes from our years of dedicated research and expresses itself in the form of unique time-tested formulations that reflect both the synergy of nature and the best of science. As pioneers in whole food nutrition, we seek out and develop new ingredients from around the world, and create new ways of doing things to craft a better product for you.


Our Company Model = Great Value & Service
Creating authentic products that are a great value is a commitment we take very much to heart. We fulfill this by our very personal, hands-on approach to everything we do. Synergy itself, not 3rd parties, takes full control of our ingredients, manufacturing and distribution. This vertically integrated model allows you to purchase our premium products straight from the source at essentially wholesale cost — and, you get our in-house, personalized service and support. This is the essence of our business model: you get the best products possible at the best prices possible, without having to pay for 3rd party and retail store mark-ups.


Giving Back
Along with creating the best supplements on the planet, giving back to the community has always been important to us. Founded on the ideals of social integrity, humanitarian values and environmental responsibility, our company has developed a number of programs that give back in ways that help to strengthen and support both our community and our environment. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the remarkable community that surrounds us!


Your Wellness Inspires Us
After all is said and done, the most important thing to us is your wellness. This is what keeps us going. We are constantly striving to find and preserve the best of nature to support your healing path. With all the ailing and hurt in this world, we want to make a genuine difference in how people feel. If our products can help as many people as possible feel better in mind, body and spirit, then we have accomplished our main goal.


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